My Music Class

Letter from Ali Smith

“My daughter Lily has been a student of Christina’s since the beginning of her second year at her Primary School.

During the first few months, Christina combined Early Childhood Music Education with Primary Piano Tuition to give Lily the opportunity to gain confidence, a connection and genuine enjoyment of music.

Once Lily was ready to focus exclusively on piano, Christina successfully introduced her to her fist songs, scales, technical drills and music theory.

I am very pleased with my daughter’s progress and her love for learning and growth in each lesson with more fun yet challenging pieces.

Lily understands that regular practice is the base for advancement and she does this with very little reminding.

With the lessons provided in the school hall, it is a convenient location and scheduled weekly, after school hours where there are no distractions.

Make up lessons are also available when away during the term, which I find very helpful.

Once students are ready to participate, further opportunities are provided to perform in a local music Eisteddfod. This is fantastic way for Lily to gain experience and confidence in performing in front of an audience.

I would highly recommend Christina to every parent who is looking for an experienced, dedicated music professional.

Christina is a friendly, encouraging, patient and reliable teacher who brings out the best in the children in her care.”


– Ali Smith

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My Music Class