My Music Class

Letter from Denise Fahey

“Christina has been instructing my children in piano for a period of three years.

She was referred to us by numerous other families who had been impressed by her professionalism and passion for teaching music.

Christina not only has an exceptional knowledge of her craft but a delivery which is personalised to each student embodied by flair and praise.

Christina’s willingness to travel reduces the stress of a large, busy family.
Being able to have lessons in our own home is a pleasant and seamless way to transition from school to extra curricular activities.
Inevitably sometimes lessons needed to be transferred to a different day and Christina was always more than willing to attempt to makeup lessons at a later date.

It is only due to relocation of our family that we are releasing Christina’s employment.

Her charismatic nature and effervescent teaching style has been a truly valuable dimension to our children’s lives.

We know she will be extremely difficult to replace.”

– Denise Fahey

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My Music Class