My Music Class

Letter from Rob Siebert

“Christina Rygiert has been teaching my two children for more than five years. 

Christina has instilled a love of music within my children. She has done this by providing a structured supporting environment in which they learn piano and music theory. 

She also selects pieces for the children to practice during the week.

As a parent Christina spends time to provide me and my wife with regular feedback on how our children are progressing and how they can be supported in their practice at home.

Both of my daughters have different skills and aptitudes. During her lessons Christina caters for each child individually allowing each to progress and learn at their own pace.

Christina also accommodates each child’s individual wishes to learn certain music material, while maintaining the teaching of core piano skills through the structured programs.

Christina also provides a variety of music outside their regular practice program that will enhance both their love of musical and skills.

I have found Christina accommodating when sometimes, through family commitments, lesson times have had to be changed.

I have no hesitation in recommending Christina as a music teacher.”

– Robert Siebert

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My Music Class