My Music Class

Reference from Brian Rowen

“My daughter Adelaide (8 years) has learned piano with Christina for the past three years, and has enjoyed Early Childhood Music and Piano lessons very much.

She welcomes music lessons and has a very secure and happy foundation to continue for many more years to come.

Her listening and technical skills are very sound and she has a wholistic appreciation of piano and music. 

Christina’s ability to teach very young children is evident in Adelaide’s appreciation for music who is eager to practice on a daily basis. As parent I appreciate Christina’s approach to teaching as it is based on a solid understanding of each child’s emotional and intellectual development at any stage of their lives. Her patience, communication skills and her  humorous nature help children to feel confident to experiment with their instrument as well as stick to a solid practice routine.

I can only recommend Christina’s professionalism to any parent  looking for an experienced and welcoming teacher.”

– Brian Rowen

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My Music Class